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Each year we seek to explore the concept of time through the lens of art and design. This year is no different. Bringing to light the concept of duality, we created a two-color calendar that tells a story each of us deemed worthy of telling. Inviting you to the very space of conflict and inquiry - we ask you to ponder the views of a particular month through the lens of one (red), the other (green), or both sides (sans lens).

There are times to look back and times to look forward. As one chapter closes, another begins. This is a chance to understand that time is fleeting and that we must seize these opportunities as they are presented to us. Take more risks, and say yes to more things.

Currently acting as Creative Director for Littlelines, Ricardo is a passionate pixel pusher doing everything from planning initial UI/UX schemes, to designing complex websites and web applications. When not at the computer he enjoys working with his hands, whether it be remodeling a bathroom or wrenching away on his Impala. View Website

February is always packed full of love and hate, thanks Hallmark. With everything happening in the world, let’s show the love in our hearts to the people who need it most, and be the reason that Love Always Wins!

Amber is a small-town girl and big-time people person. After graduating SAA in 2012, she now calls Nashville, Tennessee home. As a lover of beautiful design, she thrives by touching the hearts of the people she designs for. When she’s not wearing multiple hats of running her business, she is found exploring Music City, kickin’ butt at kickboxing, and drinking strong margaritas - and stronger coffee. View Website

I have often contemplated the duality of achieving success. Do we achieve success by pure luck? Or, do we only achieve success by spending countless hours pursuing something that we love? Or both?

Jessica is a 1997 graduate of SAA and has served as SAA’s president for the last decade. Working in both the Dayton and Cincinnati markets, Jessica has over 20 years of experience as an award-winning designer, creative director, and educator. Jessica lives in Miamisburg, Ohio with her husband Doug and stepsons Drew and Justin. Jessica’s passion in life is to help aspiring artists fulfill their dreams through design. View Website

Clearing the winter gloom gets me thinking about where I am in my life. Am I living in a comfort zone, and if so, am I actually happy there? Or do I need some delicious ambiguity to help me push myself further?

2016 SAA grad currently soaking up all the sun that California has to offer. Designer, photographer, and daydreamer with a heart for exploration and sweets. View Website

Step back to look at your journey and the accomplishments that come with it. It’s something you add to every day and night, whether it’s sailing across the world or spending endless hours completing many projects. Sunup to sundown we all live our days creating our own paths.

Currently serving multiple design roles at Signature4, Donovan is involved in a number of projects ranging from Web Design, Branding, Product Design, UX/UI Development, Studio Photography and Print Design. He is a coffee, rap, and sports enthusiast who doesn’t believe in luck; just hard work. View Website

"Check your fears against the facts and resist those who serve their own purposes by cultivating a culture of fear." Some people are scared of things because they don’t know their purpose. All they see is hostility, when in fact it could be a false perception.

Weird noises and bug facts are my specialties. Writes code and designs at The Scenery. Sometimes my cat lays on my keyboard when I play League, and I'm okay with that. View Website

Julius Caesar was remarked as one of the greatest generals in human history, yet he brought down the great Roman Republic. From this unforeseen assassination, the Roman Empire was born. As eras might fall and come to an end, great new ones begin and rise from it as well.

A country girl with a love for peaceful wide open spaces and blingy belt buckles, Sydney is a 2017 grad currently working as an interactive designer + developer in Dayton, OH. When she’s not on the back of a horse, chances are she either has a camera in her hands or she’s on her laptop creating something digitally, or loving on her puppy. View Website

The duality of print is dead and not dead is explored in the setting of a summer camp site, where tending to the fire, or storytelling by the fire shows that what you keep close to your heart and nurture will flourish: whether it is stories, craft, or community.

Designer by day, letterer + letterpress printer + yoga teacher by night—Reka devours life at full speed. She is happiest in good company, getting design nerdy, traveling the globe, practicing on her mat, or drinking lavender lattes. View Website

Fall brings shorter days and harsher weather, and I think about how I choose to plan ahead. Am I a hibernating bear, who plans, builds a reserve, and hunkers down to endure? Or am I a migrating bird who escapes south toward warmer, clearer skies? It all comes down to how you choose to survive.

A digital designer born, raised, and residing in the Heart of it All. Co-founder of Jetpack, a web design agency in Dayton, Ohio. Lover of design and Back to the Future. View Website

Me•men•to mo•ri noun | an object serving as a warning of death. Life versus death. The ultimate duality. Memento mori reminds us of the vanity in earthly lives and that all living things must die, even a blooming rose in a skeleton hand.

2013 SAA grad who made her way back to SAA via the marketing team. Lover of all things calligraphy and simple design. Dog mom of two, living and loving life with T and always hyped on iced coffee. View Website

Dare to be different, dare to change it up. Inspired by Polish designers of the 50’s and 60’s, I channeled my inner abstractionist. That inspiration created a piece reminiscent of the barren unlabeled season between fall and winter we so often see in November.

Designer by trade and charcuterie chef by birth. Loves Cheese and Winter. Hates the Twitter app and Self Doubt. View Website

Showcasing the rivals of the season: Saint Nicholas and Krampus, my hope is that you find yourself both cheerful and disturbed. As your December days come to an end, take a moment to look back and decide whether you have earned the title of Naughty or Nice.

As a motion designer residing in Ohio, Hunter spends his days cycling around Dayton in search of great coffee (no seriously, like really good coffee) and even better sources of inspiration. With such deep roots in the Midwest, Hunter aims to craft meaningful stories by cultivating friendships and staying true to his roots. View Website

Letterpress Calendar

The 12 Musketeers letterpress calendar is a passion project and collaboration between 12 rotating School of Advertising Art graduates in its sixth year. We believe in the power of ideas, collaboration, tactile printed pages, the love of the craft, and honoring the letterpress.

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